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Explosions, blackmail, and Giraffes

I must apologize to the Language Dept. and Mr. Derry in particular for complaining about having to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off instead of getting Latin cancelled today and tomorrow. This apology is owed because we did not, in fact, watch Ferris; rather, we watched Serenity, the sequel to Firefly (R.I.P.). The twin facts that this movie, unlike Ferris, contains explosions and does not contain 80's music make it a much better movie, to which it must be added that I've already seen Ferris twice.

This almost makes me pity the vast majority of my Latin Class, who were mysteriously not in the Aud. No names shall be named… if I hear from **** or ***** about a fee within the hour (jk).

I shall take this opportunity to again point out to Simon that the Giraffe incident was highly amusing. He knows what I'm talking about. Most of the rest of you don't. Enough said.


Zyzzyva said...

Mr Kronberg was so pissed when he walked past the aud. "I saw somebody's throat being slit and then I left."

Mmmm Mmmm Serenity!

Единый, могучий Советский Союз! said...

I don't remember the throat-slitting part… when did that happen?

zyzzyva said...

During the final fight scene with the reavers.

Единый, могучий Советский Союз! said...

Oh, right. That throat-slitting.