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Gott in Himmel, it's been a long time!

I don't think that anyone ever reads this, but I may as well have another go at it.
By my count, it's been nine months since I last posted here. So sue me. I had the understanding that no-one read this, so there was no point in posting. But maybe a soapbox is still useful even if no-one pays attention.

By way of brief summary:
  • Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated (and non-existant)
  • I am now in Grade 12
  • I almost (but didn't) get the Blyth Scholarship to Cambridge.
  • The Lisgar Trivia Team wreaked havoc upon its opposition at the Ottawa Quizbowl. It failed to do so at the tournament we hosted, but I wasn't there, so I deny all responsibility.
  • I may or may not be too blind to be an Aerospace Engineer with the Canadian Forces
If anyone actually reads this (which I seriously doubt), many thanks. Please leave a comment so I have some record of your existence.

1 comment:

Foxglove said...

It's 2019 now
Surprising, I know
I'm not even at Lisgar but I got sucked into this rabbit hole so here we are
You should be about 30 by now if I'm not mistaken, which is a bit scary, but that's life I guess
Anyway we still have homework in the future so I should probably get to doing that now lol