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I've done it! I have irrefutable evidence of a Vatican-Opus Dei-Illuminati-CIA-Mafia-Communist-LBJ-Teamsters-Freemason-
Templar-NASA-Music Department conspiracy to prevent me from getting sleep! This conspiracy must exist, for how else would the decision to make tomorrow's band rehearsal have been made so soon after I mentioned in an earlier post how I needed sleep? Obviously Mr. Arrigo doesn't read this blog, so one of the many parties named in the above Hyphenated String of Doom™ must have acquired privileged information about my mental health and sold it for their advantage.

Anyone who suggests that TINC or that the 'conspiracy' is actually the product of the ravings of a tired mind is evidently a member of the VODICMCLBJTFTCASBRKTNASAMD conspiracy sent to silence my protests and prevent me from revealing their existence to the world.

Anyone who mentions that using a blog that exactly three people besides myself have been known to read is hardly the best way to reveal sensitive information to the world also belongs to the VODICMCLBJTFTCASBRKTNASAMD.

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