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Item: 3-D Graphic Arts is teh major workload. James, Chris, Steven, and Olivier, if you're reading this (even though the odds of that are virtually nil) you should stop reading it and animate something. I don't care if it's a large brick wall—make it move!
Item: Whoever the adjudicator Senior Band got tonight was (I can't remember his name, although it was mentioned once or twice), he is teh roxxorz. You can tell me that two double golds doesn't add/multiply to make a quad gold, but I'm not listening. Thinking this way gives me mental ammunition for thinking that we're better than Canterbury et al.
Item: I claim a control point for the forces of Grammar and Syntax for convincing Bryce that it's pronounced 'vee-ah', not 'vee eye eh'.


Jesse from Creelman's class said...

You know, you're the second person from Lisgar that I've found on the internet by total coincidence. I was directed here from Wikipedia. I guess that makes me a little creepy.

Единый, могучий Советский Союз! said...

1) Who was the other person?
2) How exactly did you get from Wikipedia to here?