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Sleep! Gimme! Graaw!

I need more sleep. Case in point:
"I think he's just both saying they're loud." ~ Me, at band this morning
On the other hand, it's not like sleep is especially appealing when compared to other late-night pursuits like Civ IV, perusing the Spacesim forums, and writing blog posts complaining about lack of sleep. It is appealing when compared to homework, however; it's a pity that, unlike sleep and other favoured activities, homework is not postponable or optional.

Case in point: right now, I'm studying for a Latin vocab test. This task is made harder because I'm not sure whether to study the short, end-of-chapter list or the long set of lists after each story, so, to be prudent, I'm studying both. I probably should have asked which to study, but, in my tired state, I failed to recall in class that I would be having this problem tonight. Oops. Also, I have no way of contacting either of my fellow students to see what they know. Oops.
If by some wonderful coincidence Bora or Colin happen to read this before the test, please please please would you tell me what I'm supposed to study?

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