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Righteous Smiteage et al. FTW!

Never-before-seen picture of what happened to our opposition at the city-level Reach tourney last Friday:
I recognize that some of said opposition might consider the above statement to be a slight exaggeration. In fact, I have received communications to that effect, and this is what happened to the senders of those communications:

Other members of our opposition have now learned the value of not being seen.

In all seriousness, however, I have not received communications from the members of the Reach teams we so righteously smote (have smitten?) because the odds of any of them having read this blog are nil. Apparently (Google Analytics FTW!) 65% of visitors to this blog arrived via Wikipedia (would the next person to arrive here via Wikipedia please explain to me why there's a link here on Wikipedia), 15% came from the Spacesim forums, 15% came from somewhere else on Blogger (that 15% was probably me), and the remaining 15% came direct (again, probably me, since I'm pretty sure that nobody's bookmarked this). This leaves 0% of visitors who come from random other websites, which makes sense, since AFAIK my Wikipedia userpage, the Sim forums, and Blogger are the only websites which link here.


Anonymous said...

Monty Python reference FTW.

I hail from forums.

Unknown said...

Wrong accualy, Your the very last link if you google Spacesim and OCESS. Thats how I ended up here, though I HIGHLY doubt you will ever read this.